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Ishi Dos Vais & Dustin Dos Vais — Minted
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Ishi Dos Vais


Dustin Dos Vais



Even though we wanted our wedding to be a private event, we're so happy to be able to share photos from that day with you. This section contains a highlight video and our favorite photos. Scroll down to visually progress through our wedding with photos and notes about all of the events of that day!


We arrived at city hall at 7:30 am for the first marriage ceremony of the day. We were nervous and tired (we'd only slept for three hours the night prior), but we were very excited. We spent a lot of time waiting at this stage of the day - waiting for the building to open at 8:00 am, waiting for our appointment number to be called, and waiting for our ceremony to begin. We spent that time reflecting about our relationship together and making plans for our upcoming honeymoon!


The wedding ceremony itself went by very quickly - it took less than five minutes! A very kind judge served as our officiant. Her speech was beautiful and we both shed some unexpected tears (thank goodness our photographer had some tissues!) We recited vows, exchanged rings, and shared a kiss to seal our commitment to each other.

City Hall

After the ceremony, we toured throughout all four floors of city hall to see the beautiful architecture and take lots of photos. It was relatively empty since we arrived so early, which made everything feel relaxed and intimate. The grand staircase was our favorite location!

Exit and Memorial Court

Afterward, we exited city hall to take photos outside in the nearby Memorial Court. It was quite chilly, 50 degrees with a strong wind, but we were too excited to care. An older couple and their Uber driver shouted applause at us as we exited the building. We asked them to share words of wisdom for our marriage and they told us the following: always communicate, never go to bed angry, and "happy wife, happy life!" Once the photo session was complete, we immediately commenced our honeymoon - exploring San Francisco, enjoying each other's company, and happily planning the rest of our lives together.