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Ishi Dos Vais & Dustin Dos Vais — Minted
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Ishi Dos Vais


Dustin Dos Vais

Ishi Dos Vais and Dustin Dos Vais

were privately married on

Our Story

In June 2021, on the day before all non-essential business were closed due to Covid-19, Dustin and Ishi chose to meet at a bar before they each planned on taking a break from dating altogether. Shortly after, they went on another date (at which Ishi was predictably late) and had many more stay-at-home dates after that.

The two of them very quickly fell in love. For Ishi, it was when Dustin showed up at her house at 5 a.m. (despite her numerous protestations) to tie stacks of tree limbs into bundles on garbage day. For Dustin, it was when Ishi joined in on a goofy song that he was singing by loudly yelling "Chips!" in the middle of Costco.

Within the year, they knew that it was inevitable that they would spend the rest of their lives together. However, they wanted to have dated for at least one full year before becoming engaged. On the way to Ishi's house one day, Dustin decided that it was stupid to continue delaying the engagement and made a sharp turn into a nearby park. They had a private spur-of-the-moment proposal and spent the remaining two years impatiently waiting for Ishi's braces to be removed in order to officially tie the knot.

Ever since then, the two have spent their time together visiting new places, eating great food, raising their two dogs, and (most importantly) having lots of fun. Ishi most looks forward to having new experiences with her husband and trying to convince him to spoil their dogs like she does. Dustin most looks forward to starting a new shared chapter in his life and continuing to playfully annoy his wife every day for the rest of their lives.